T-shirts Tell Our Stories!

Posted by Melissa DeMaria on

When I started the customized t-shirt portion of FAD Lab, I had a business plan in mind, but not much context. What I'm coming to love is hearing people's stories and what their tees are for! This woman's husband wheeled himself over at the fair with a walker that has a seat on it, which he turned and sat on while placing his order. Super nice older guy. He gave me the order, very specific, very simple, with no context. Not long after, his wife joined us and I learned that she began running recently, using Couch to 5K, at retirement age. Her first 5K is next month! How inspiring is that??? It's never too late to follow your heart. I decided on the same font that Nike uses for an added touch, and this shirt is being delivered today.

As the orders have continued to come in for various reasons, (a woman who started her own business and wanted a shirt with the name on front and "OWNER" on the back, 3 Toddler tees with a graphic of a cruise ship on front that said "My First Cruise" on front and their names on back in bright safety green color, a team of uniform tees for a fundraising tournament, and so on), I've really come to realize the VALUE of a great graphic tee. They tell our stories! Whether dripping with sarcasm that we can't muster before our morning coffee, or a quip about our kids being hellions that saves us from trash talking our offspring, or like this woman, a check mark next to a LIFE GOAL, graphic tees are such a simple yet perfect compliment for our individual journeys.

For businesses, a graphic tee is all about BRAND. YOU WANT TO HAVE A BRAND. Your brand tells people you are professional, reliable, and serious. Logo tees are awesome for all industries, from event coordination to trades like plumbing and electrical. They take a beating and still look smart. They also advertise your business! Especially when you add your web address to the back.

I'm so happy I took the suggestion of a savvy friend and added this service to my business. Because there is nothing better than loving what you do, and I am LOVING hearing people's stories and learning there are still a TON of GOOD, INSPIRING, and FUNNY people out in the world.